Why Bloggity Blah?

If you’re a beginning blogger, chances are you are starting out on Blogger. Actually, even many seasoned bloggers are still using Blogger due to two simple facts:

  1. WordPress.com blogs do not allow for customization or monetization.
  2. WordPress.org blogs that do allow for customization and monetization are a pain to set up and can get costly to customize and maintain.

Blogger vs WordPress

But, the folks that are still using Blogger as their main blogging platform often seem to be searching for alternatives. They are tired of blogs disappearing, terrible tech support and having to learn HTML to make basic changes to their site. As a matter of fact, in May Blogger suffered a major outage that left it’s bloggers without access to their sites and with lost posts and comments for more than a day. This caused a mass exodus of Blogger users over to WordPress.

That’s why a blogger (me) and a web developer have partnered up to bring you BloggityBlah.com. By signing up with BloggityBlah.com, you get the best of both worlds – All the benefits of a self-hosted WordPress blog without the hassle of the back-end maintenance and setup. Plus, since our hosts guarantee 99.9% up time, you don’t have to worry about your site disappearing or being inaccessible.

There’s a myth floating around that WordPress sites are free. And that’s partially true. WordPress.com does offer a free blogging platform that allows users a simple way to blog on the basic WordPress platform. However, did you know that registering your own domain through WordPress.com and mapping that domain to your blog costs up to $25 per domain, per blog, per year? Did you know that if you want a custom theme on your WordPress.com blog, it will cost you $30 per year? And that doesn’t even include the ability to edit the core PHP or template files! Those aren’t the only costs associated with a “free” WordPress.com blog, but they are the most common and the most overlooked.

There is a WordPress option that allows for customization and full control, but it is not free. Sure, the WordPress software and platform are free, but you still have to pay for your own domain ($10-20 per year, depending on the extension you buy) and hosting ($35 to more than $100 per year, depending on how much storage space you need). Plus, the kind folks at WordPress.com will charge you $119 to help you move your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org.

Those options hardly sound free!

Our team can easily and painlessly help you move your existing blog from Blogger to your own WordPress blog. We can host the blog on our servers or you can purchase your hosting from us directly. We can even help you with a brand new design for your blog after your move to WordPress. There are plenty of options for BloggityBlah.com to help free you from Blogger and give you the freedom of a WordPress blog. To sweeten the pot even more, all of the offerings from BloggityBlah.com are affordable!

So, if you’re wanting to break away from Blogger or whatever other blogging platform you have been using, let us help. You won’t regret it.

Article by BloggityBlah

Lindsay is the resident BloggityBlah blogger (say that three times fast) and can help answer your questions about WordPress, BloggityBlah and Social Media in general. You can connect with her on her personal blog, Lindsay Blogs, or on Facebook and Twitter.
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